The stakes continue to rise in the showdown between talk host Michael Savage, who is heard locally 6-9 p.m. on WOR (710 AM), and an Islamic group that says Savage uses the show to spread hatred against Muslims.
Earlier this week, Savage sued the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), claiming the group infringed on copyright by using excerpts from his show in fund-raising pitches.
In those excerpts, from his Oct. 29 show, the colorful Savage calls the Koran a “book of hate” and says, “I don’t wanna hear anymore about Islam. I don’t wanna hear one more word about Islam. Take your religion and shove it up your behind. I’m sick of you.”
After those comments were publicized, says CAIR, a number of advertisers left the Savage show, including Sears, Universal Orlando Resorts, AutoZone, Citrix, TrustedID, JC Penney, OfficeMax, Wal-Mart and AT&T.
Savage responded by posting articles that link CAIR to “extremists” and “terrorists.”
He also filed the suit, which CAIR calls “baseless.”
Savage’s Oct. 29 comments, he says in his lawsuit, were “a cry of outrage on behalf of America” and were directed at specific Muslims like Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. (MORE)


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