Though Michael Savage didn’t suffer the same remarks as Don Imus when he made his ill-fated remark about the Rutgers girl’s basketball team, he is facing a large enough challenge in light of his unfortunate…slip of tongue.
Over the summer, Savage made a comment about the San Francisco college student who had been protesting by fasting for the lightening of immigration restrictions. Savage remarked that the students should “fast until they starve to death.” The Board of Supervisors of San Francisco in October then passed a resolution condemning him from the remarks, as per a New York Times article.
Then, just a few weeks ago, Savage opened up on Islam, making a series of remarks that would cause the Council on American-Islamic Relations to put his comments on the Internet along with suggestions that he be boycotted in the way of his advertisers withdrawing from putting their ads on his show. Savage is now suing the Council.
But it seems as though they got their message across. Two major advertisers abandoned Savage fairly quickly – Citrix and Trusted ID. And since then, press releases abound with companies refusing to advertise on Savage’s show, and urges for others to follow suit.
One such release indicated that Sprint Nextel will give radio stations instructions not to air their ads during Savage’s show. They also specifically indicated that their ads are not to run on any other programs that “promotes racism or hate.” The release was issued by The Hate Hurts America Community and Interfaith Coalition (HHA).
In a similar announcement, Sears has also announced that they will not advertise on the show. In that release, also issued by Hate Hurst America, the information was disclosed that the Coalition was actually formed as a result of Michael Savage’s remarks about Muslims, Islam and the Quran.
Another release indicated that Auto Zone is joining those refusing to advertise on Savage Nation, as did Office Max. Auto Zone was actually investigating why and how some of its ads did appear on Savage’s show after the order was made that they would not.


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