Middle Eastern tensions were brought into the homes of US voters in two different campaigns last week and both were denounced by Muslim and Jewish activists as fear-mongering ahead of November’s presidential elections.
American Muslims were angered by the mass mailing of a controversial DVD titled Obsession: Radical Islam’s War Against the West. The Clarion Fund, a non-profit group, said it was “educating the public about national security threats” but it has not revealed who funded or backed the distribution of 28 million copies of the DVD or any other details…
Ibrahim Hooper, communications director at the Council for American-Islamic Relations (Cair), said the DVD was distributed to coincide with the seventh anniversary of the September 11 attacks and reached “a new level of propaganda”.
“The campaign must have cost at least $50 million [Dh184m] and the group behind it says it’s a non-profit but where did they get the money from? Was their backing domestic or from overseas?” he said.
“The DVDS have gone out in key swing states but there’s a law preventing non-profits from impacting candidates and another one on foreign donations. We probably won’t find out who’s behind this until long after the elections and when the damage’s already done.” (MORE)


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