Teenager Issra Omer said she feared for her safety when she returned to Seaside High School after she was confronted for wearing an Islamic head scarf on June 19.

The girl, 13, said she was yelled at by a campus supervisor for wearing a hajib, an Islamic head scarf during her second day of summer school.

“I’ve always worn a head scarf and no one asked me about it,” said Issra, who will attend Marina High School in August.

Omer said the supervisor repeatedly told her she needed to remove the scarf or get a doctor’s note for permission to wear one.

“I’m not going to take it off,” said Issra, who is taking a summer algebra class at the school. “I’m Muslim.”

The school has a policy against the wearing of hats, scarves and other head gear.

“Instead of yelling and screaming, she could have come to me outside and asked ‘Why do you need to wear that?'” Issra said. . .

The San Francisco/Bay Area chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations, known as CAIR, called for a public apology days after the 13-year-old was yelled at.

“I think they have acknowledged a mistake was made,” said Abiya Ahmed, media relations coordinator for the organization.

Ahmed said the group has offered the school diversity training.

“I’m hoping to work together and address the issue,” she said.

Renwick said diversity training begins in July when faculty and staff return to school.

He said he couldn’t comment on student diversity training.

“I’m surprised the supervisor didn’t know it was a part of her faith,” Ahmed said. “This highlights the need for more education and more awareness in that regard.”

Ahmed said the confusion over a student wearing a head scarf for religious reasons is rare in schools.


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