While students gathered in the Amphitheater in tribute to Sept. 11, other students convened in the Teleconference Center in a different tribute on Monday.

As part of the Cerritos College Global Consortium, Dr. John Haas, history instructor, facilitated a discussion Monday titled “Remembering 9/11”.

Among the discussion topics were terrorism, anti-American sentiment, the war in Iraq and the Israel-Palestine war.

The discussion allowed Cerritos students to converse with students from International Pacific College in New Zealand and Arcadia University in Pennsylvania via satellite.

Guest speakers at the event included Hussam Ayloush, executive director for the Southern California Council on American-Islamic relations (C.A.I.R.) and Dr. Aslam Abdullah, president of the Muslim Council of America. . .

“Eventually the U.S. will win the war on terrorism,” said Abdullah. “The question is how long will it take? How many innocent people will have to die for the war to be won?”

However, Ayloush disagreed. “We’ve contributed in radicalizing people and pushing them on sides where they want go to the other side. The war on terrorism has been a failure and has added to the weakness in hiding terrorism,” said Ayloush.


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