As a lifelong Democrat, I am shocked and appalled with the recent actions of Sen. Barbara Boxer in her attempts to rescind an award that she gave to the Sacramento chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.

CAIR is a mainstream, nonpartisan Muslim organization that encourages civic participation among Muslims such as voter registration and citizen education. CAIR is following the path of many other mainstream political empowerment groups, such as the League of Women Voters and the NAACP.

However, Boxer has bowed to the pressure of the right-wing blogosphere that has attacked CAIR, not on the basis of facts or evidence, but out of malicious hatred and anti-Muslim bias. It is disappointing that our Democratic representative has taken such an undemocratic stand.

This story is a discouraging lesson for others seeking political empowerment. CAIR has done everything that we ask others to do in order to gain acceptance, yet even now, it is not fully accepted. What lesson does this teach other groups seeking recognition and acceptance?

– Mark Farouk, Sacramento


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