Sacramento-area Muslim leaders denounced terrorism Friday, calling the London attacks a major setback after four years of outreach to the non-Muslim community. “We are still guilty by association,” said Irfan Haq, spokesman for the Council of Sacramento Valley Islamic Organizations. “For the Muslim community who worked hard to reach out to Muslims and people of all faiths, it is a direct hit on all of them.” Attendance at Friday prayers was down 20 percent at the Sacramento Area League of Associated Muslims mosque in east Sacramento, as people stayed home to grieve, Haq said. The SALAM center will host a community meeting to discuss terrorism and its impact on the local Muslim community at 7 p.m. next Friday. “As Muslims, we utterly deplore these heinous and horrific acts that contradict all laws of Islam and civilization,” the Council on American Islamic Relations’ Maren Shawesh said at the news conference at Masjid Annur Islamic Center.


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