The Kern County Sheriff’s Department is investigating a possible hate crime against the Islamic Center of San Joaquin Valley last Saturday morning during worship prayers.
Witnesses said two men entered the mosque about 2 a.m. on Saturday and disrupted the all-night prayer service that was celebrating the month of Ramadan.
According to witnesses, the men yelled, “Go home terrorists!” and “Arab terrorists!”
According to a Sheriff’s Department report on, one man, who may have been intoxicated, entered the mosque, ate food and argued with worshippers.
Witnesses said the two men left the mosque and returned with even more men, possibly as many as eight.
Those men, according to witnesses, broke windows and slashed tires on several cars, then threw rocks at worshippers before entering the women’s section of the mosque.
Witnesses said three people were hurt. reported that no one was hurt.
Sheriff’s deputies said they saw people throwing rocks, but weren’t able to catch anyone.
The Sheriff’s department is now investigating this as a hate crime.
At today’s press conference the Council on American-Islamic Relations will thank authorities for their quick response to the incident.
If you have information on the suspects you are asked to call the Sheriff’s Department.


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