Responding to reports of the Koran being abused in detainee camps, and in an effort to enlighten Americans about Islam, the Bay Area’s largest mosque will hold a
two-hour open house Sunday and give away copies of the faith’s holiest book. Program coordinator Amina Ansari said there will be 500 copies of the text available. The event is co-hosted by the Council on American Islamic
Relations and the Muslim Community Association, and is part of a nationwide campaign that began May 17 as a response to a recent Newsweek report, since retracted, about Guantanamo Bay prison guards flushing a Koran down the toilet. Ansari said 15,000 copies of the Koran have been distributed nationally so far, and most of the recipients have been non-Muslims. “We were concerned,” she said, “about how to respond, and we wondered what we
could do without proselytizing. We wanted the general public to gain more familiarity with Islam.”

The open house will be Sunday from 2 to 4 p.m. at MCA Community Hall, 3003 Scott Blvd. in Santa Clara. Contact Ansari at (408)986-9874 or click on for more information.
ALSO SEE: Feedback: ‘Thank You for My Beautiful Quran’ CAIR RECEIVED the following e-mail from a recipient of a free Quran: “I wanted to thank you for the gift of my beautiful Quran, which arrived today and now holds an honored place in my desk with other revealed scriptures of the world.” Another e-mail stated: “Thanks for the information and for this opportunity for those of us who are not Muslims to learn and understand more about the faith of Islam.Peace be with you.”


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