As part of the continuing attacks on Muslims and Islamic rituals in the United States of America, and according to a grand Islamic institution in US, a school supervisor ordered a girl student to remove her veil, and when she didn’t respond, he shouted on her to do so.

The incident took place on June19 , where a school official asked a Muslim girl student to remove the veil. According to the statements of the Muslim student, the supervisor of the dining room at Seaside High School in California asked her to remove her veil even after she had told him that she was putting on the veil for religious reasons.

The student, who was visiting the school to attend a summer programme for teaching algebra, cried after the supervisor yelled at her, according to her story. She said, before over 100 other students in the dining room he screamed at her “you should put it off now”. However, the student refused to put off her veil despite his screams.

In the wake of the incident, a branch of the Council of American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) at San Francisco Bay called for public apology, and organizing special training for all employees in the school. To this end, CAIR branch at San Francisco Bay contacted the school director, who acknowledged that the incident took place as was reported, and offered to arrange a face-to-face apology between the supervisor and the student, but he did not agree on public apology.

Executive Director of CAIR branch Safa’ Ibrahim described the incident as a violation for the US laws that prohibit all forms of discrimination such as ordering a girl student to break the principles of her religion to get educated.


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