SACRAMENTO – Already under scrutiny for setting up a controversial new intelligence unit and keeping tabs on a Mother’s Day anti-war protest, the California National Guard is taking new heat for an anti-Islamic flyer that was hanging in its Sacramento headquarters. Islamic groups and anti-war activists criticized the Guard on Monday after learning that one Guard soldier had a historically suspect flyer touting World War I General John J. Pershing as a hero for executing Muslim terrorists with bullets dipped in pig’s blood to deny them entry to heaven. “Maybe it is time for this segment of history to repeat itself, maybe in Iraq?” states the flyer that was posted outside a cubicle in the Guard’s Civil Support Division. “The question is, where do we find another Black Jack Pershing?” The flyer, which has circulated since Sept. 11 as a hard-line tale for fighting Islamic terrorists, raised concerns for some activists about the mind-set of Guard soldiers. “It’s troubling to see a governmental organization dedicated to the security of our country promoting culturally and religiously insensitive ideas,” said William Youmans, media relations manager for the Council on American-Islamic Relations in Santa Clara. “It’s very possible to combat terrorism without offending the cultural values of a major world religion.” Initially, a Guard spokesman defended the flyer Monday as “historically accurate,” but called back later to say that it had been removed because of concerns raised by the activists. (MORE)


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