Bay Area Muslims are working hard to show all of the contributions that Muslims have made to society, especially American Muslims. They have launched a new education campaign, called American Muslims, American Stories.

Terrorists bombings and attacks, many credited to al Qaeda, not only in Iraq, but throughout the Muslim world, are the work of radical Jihadist groups. That violence and images of Muslims chanting hate against America has prompted American Muslims to action. Safaa Ibrahim is from Maryland.

Safaa Ibrahim, Muslim American: “You’ve got a war in a Muslim country. You’ve got al Qaeda, and these are the people who have hijacked the Islamic faith.”

The Bay Area Council on Islamic American Relations and Muslim leaders met in Newark today on their American Muslim American Stories campaign. It’s an attempt to show the many positive contributions that American Muslims have made and to try and dispel hateful stereotypes.

Safaa Ibrahim, Muslim American: “This is maybe a way for Muslims to take back their faith. We’re trying to speak out.”

Muslims from all over the world attended today’s workshop. Many are American born. Each has a story of their lives in America and the problems they’ve faced because of prejudice, often based on misinformation.

Engineer Mahoob Abedr is a Pakistani Shia Muslim. Shias are the majority in Iraq but comprise the minority in the rest of the Muslim world. He doesn’t see the violence in Iraq as a religious or sectarian war.


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