While Canada’s top court heard arguments Wednesday challenging the legality of the case against Omar Khadr, the Canadian terror suspect held at Guantanamo Bay since 2002, representatives from several non-governmental organizations renewed calls for the immediate repatriation of Khadr and the release of documents related to his case.
“The full information is not being divulged, and is it being done because of national security concerns or because of embarrassment?” Sameer Zuberi of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations demanded at a news conference. “Omar Khadr has been treated in an unfair way in a sense that there has been double standards applied to him.”
He added that child soldiers around the world are treated differently.
“They are viewed as victims. They are viewed as people who have been manipulated, people who are being used, people who do not have a choice,” he said. “Omar Khadr, on the other hand, is not afforded this grace that we afford to child soldiers . . . He was viewed as somebody who is guilty before we even try him.”
Meantime, the Supreme Court of Canada was hearing arguments from Khadr’s lawyers, challenging the legality of the U.S. detention of Khadr.
Canada’s highest court said Khadr’s lawyers should at least be allowed to make the case that holding the Canadian terror suspect at the U.S. military’s detention centre at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba, violates international law. (MORE)


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