A compromise has been reached in the case of a Muslim woman suspended from her job at Pearson International Airport because of the length of her skirt.
Halima Muse was suspended in August from her job as a screener with a security firm for wearing a skirt longer than the knee-length one supplied with her uniform.
The Teamsters union says Garda has agreed to offer the 33-year-old woman a full-time administrative job in civilian attire at her previous salary and to pay her full back pay for the time she was suspended.
The union says Muse will remain in the new position until the Canadian Air Transport Security Authority completes a review of the uniform policy.
Muse, a practicing Muslim, wanted to conform with the Islamic dress code that requires clothes to cover the body except the face, hands and feet.
The Teamsters union and the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations said Monday that they filed a religious discrimination complaint on behalf of Muse.


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