Re: Just like Maher arar. Except ?, Tarek Fatah, Feb. 28.

Tarek Fatah says he sent a letter to the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-CAN) on the alleged torture of Mohammed Al-Attar, the Canadian- Egyptian accused of spying for Israel. It should be noted that Mr. Fatah’s letter was never received by CAIR-CAN.

The position of CAIR-CAN on torture has always been that we condemn it, regardless of who the victim is or the charges laid against them.

Moreover, we have always pressed the government to protect Canadians and all persons from torture. Oftentimes it is employed by captors to extract false confessions, which are later used against others or in court. Canada must ensure that testimony acquired under torture is rendered inadmissible; not doing so only legitimizes its use.

CAIR-CAN will continue to demand that all people are free from torture, are treated humanely and are considered innocent until proven guilty.

Sameer Zuberi, communications coordinator, Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, Ottawa.


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