Re: Women in danger, Dec. 13.
For decades in Canada, thousands have been working to eliminate domestic violence against women, a sad reality still existing in many Canadian households. If you speak with the perpetrators of such violence, you’ll hear many excuses: “She didn’t listen to me”; “I couldn’t control myself,” or even, “It was her fault.” But domestic violence does not have a rationale. It is an abhorrent crime and injustice.
Unfortunately, the truth about domestic violence is that it cuts across Canadian households. It is colour blind, not particular to any culture, race or creed. Claiming the opposite stops us from addressing the root causes: dysfunctional relationships, parents clashing with children, and men abusing women partners.
Your editorial states that some Canadian Muslim organizations have remained silent on the tragic death of Aqsa Parvez. We spoke out on Tuesday.
Within 24 hours of Ms. Parvez’s death, over 20 national and regional Muslim organizations, half with Ottawa-based representatives, issued a public call for an end to domestic abuse. There is no value system, Islam included, that accepts violence or abuse of women.
For the Muslim community, last week has been a time of mourning. Under the public microscope, we are grieving the tragic loss of an innocent woman. And, we are reflecting, like so many Canadians, about the need to end domestic violence in all homes.
Sameer Zuberi, Ottawa
Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations


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