Under a shadow of revived anti-terrorism sentiment, the Supreme Court of Canada will spend three days next week examining one of the most controversial laws in the country involving terror suspects – whether they can be detained indefinitely, without charges and without knowing the case against them.

The accusations of a home-grown terrorist plot are hardening Canadian attitudes toward terror suspects and the alleged security threat could be on the minds of the Supreme Court judges, experts said.

There were also cautions that the appeals before the Supreme Court involve a distinctly different issue than the one surrounding the 15 terror suspects who appeared in court yesterday.

At issue in the Supreme Court is whether three non-citizens suspected of having terrorist ties can be held in jail without charges indefinitely and deported based on secret evidence they have no means of challenging.

Faisal Kutty, vice-chairperson of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the judges will be put in a “tight situation” as they try to balance constitutional rights and national security at a time when Canadian attitudes are hardening toward terror suspects.


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