Soon, this could happen to you:

You’re flying to another Canadian city and despite a confirmed reservation, the airport kiosk won’t print your boarding pass. Instead, you’re directed to the airline counter, where an agent examines your passport or driver’s licence.

You wait while an agent checks something in her computer. If all is well, she’ll issue your boarding pass and you can proceed. If not, though, the agent might disappear to make a call to a Transport Canada hotline. When she returns, you learn Transport Canada has refused you permission to board. Police might even appear and take you into custody.

You’ve just found out the hard way that your name is on Canada’s new “specified persons list” — better known as the no-fly list. . .

Faisal Kutty, vice-chair of the Canadian Council on American-Islamic Relations, fears the same could happen here. “I have a feeling this list can become another political tool where you have people who are dissidents or people you don’t agree with.”


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