Moments after learning that Muhammad Salah was cleared Thursday afternoon of federal charges of helping to fund terrorism, Abubakr Meah rushed out of the Mosque Foundation in Bridgeview grinning and waving a thumbs-up to a passing vehicle.

The driver honked his horn and waved in approval. Standing next to Meah, Allaa Daoud sent out text messages to friends and family from his mobile phone.

“Verdict is out: he’s innocent. Alhamdulillah,” read the message, which ended with the Arabic phrase for “thank God.”

“After 9/11, there has been a lot of looking at us Muslims,” Meah said. “This verdict gives us hope. It means our voices can be heard. We can have justice.”

That evening, Salah came to a celebration in the mosque, which was attended by at least 300 people. . .

The Chicago office of the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued a statement Thursday evening in support of the Salah family.

“We hope that the suffering of the Salah family is over. We also hope that the ‘terrorism’ label be reserved in the future for those found guilty of that charge in an open and fair trail administered in a respected court of law,” the group said.


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