This is in response to the Oct. 30 letter by Robert Ralls (“When Islam condemns radicals, I’ll stop profiling Middle East men”): It doesn’t surprise me at all that people like Ralls ask this kind of question. After all, listening to the right-wing talk shows makes one’s mind uninformed and full of hate toward other people who practice different religions.
Has Ralls ever paid attention to all the press releases by CAIR (Council on American Islamic Relations) and other Muslim organizations worldwide that condemn terrorism in the name of Islam? Has Ralls paid any attention to the statement that was made by one of the highest religious authorities in the Muslim world (the leader of the al-Azhar University) who condemned 9/11 and other terrorist acts in the name of Islam? Has Ralls paid any attention to the letter that was signed by over 130 Muslim leaders and scholars that was submitted to the Pope just in the last couple weeks to try to bring Muslims and Christians together? Has Ralls paid any attention to the comments and condemnations that were made at the Islamic Society of North America’s convention this year and each since 9/11 about terrorism and violence?
Jehan Walleed, Anchorage


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