The Connecticut office of a Muslim civil rights group has told the FBI it received two phone calls Wednesday threatening retaliation against Muslims “if anything happens again in this country.”

Hamza Ismail Collins, a spokesman for the Council on American-Islamic Relations, said the calls were made to a cellphone used by the group’s New London office by a man whom Collins described as “irate.” He said the man made derogatory statements about Islam and said he wanted Muslims “out of my country.”

Although the organization has received phone calls from people who have made lewd or derogatory remarks, Collins said it was the first time since the New England office opened three years ago that it received a call that seemed to be an actual threat.

Vicki Woods, an FBI spokeswoman in New Haven, said the bureau had received the complaint from the council about the phone calls and was investigating. The call could be considered a hate crime if there is any indication life or personal safety is in danger because of a threat, she said.


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