The Manhattan lawyer for six imams who sued US Airways after being removed from a Minneapolis-to-Phoenix flight said Monday that a death threat mailed to his office had a postmark of St. Paul.

Omar Mohammedi met with FBI agents Monday about the letter, a Microsoft Word-type document signed “American Jihad.”

The missive denounces the lawsuit, then says: “Come to Minneapolis. … We have located the residences and identified the families of all parties. … We plan, at random, to start systematically killing the people on our list if this suit proceeds. You, personally, have been identified as the prize kill.”

The suit, filed in March in U.S. District Court in Minneapolis, names US Airways, the Metropolitan Airports Commission and “John Doe passengers … who contacted US Airways to report the alleged ‘suspicious’ behavior of plaintiffs performing their prayer at the airport terminal.”

The suit set off a firestorm of debate about security vs. civil rights and has been criticized by at least one Muslim group, the Phoenix-based American Islamic Forum for Democracy.

Ibrahim Hooper, a spokesman for the Washington office of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR), which also was named in the letter, said he’s “shocked by the hysteria the lawsuit has provoked. “This [letter] isn’t too surprising given the anti-Muslim stuff you see on some blogs,” he said. “It’s brought the wackos out of the woodwork.”


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