[Dr. Asma Mobin-Uddin is a pediatrician in Columbus, Ohio, and the board chairwoman for the Ohio chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR).]

July 4, 2007 — AS THE investigation of the terror plots in London and Glasgow unfolds, I am experiencing the emotions I often do in hearing that people associated with my faith are involved – incredulity, anger, and outrage that once again, these heinous acts are associated with people professing to be Muslims.

But this time, my sense of disbelief and betrayal reaches a new level as I learn that many of those accused share not only my faith but also my profession.

The thought of physicians treating patients while secretly plotting to kill innocent people sickens and angers me on a new level. . .

The stark contrast between my experience as a Muslim doctor and the news I am now seeing helps explain the disbelief and emotions I feel when learning that Muslim doctors are accused of such heinous actions that betray their profession and their faith.

I know these people are an aberration, people gone wrong as human beings sometimes do. If these doctors are guilty, they must be brought to justice.

I only hope that we remember to deal with these individuals as just that – individuals who chose evil on their own and not as representative of their faith or profession.

I hope we as a community refrain from generalizing the acts of suspected criminals to Muslim doctors in general.


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