As the Muslim communities in South Florida and all over the world participate physically and spiritually in the sacred month of Ramadan, the Islamic month of fasting, we are reminded of our obligation and responsibilities toward humanity.
Each of us strives to be a better person, and many make plans focusing on charity, self restraint and piety. This year I am dedicating the month of Ramadan to service to humanity.
As Muslims we are taught that the best of charity is during Ramadan. It encourages us to excel in being charitable. The prophet Muhammad was a charitable person and he was most generous during Ramadan. He said it is the month of sharing with others.
Muslims take time to pray for their families, friends, the less fortunate and those who are suffering. One of the main benefits is increased compassion for those in need of the necessities of life. We are constantly reminded of hunger that makes us appreciate the favors bestowed upon humanity.
My offer is this: If you’re a single working parent and in need of help, let me know. If yours is a family in need of assistance, I will avail myself during the month of Ramadan to serve and help you. If religious leaders know of someone at a place of worship in need of help, I will come to their aid.
I am not wealthy and cannot give money. But if you are in need of a meal or need a simple errand done then I am here to assist. My humble and sincere offer is to help one family in South Florida each day. Contact me at
This Ramadan will be a unique one for me; I will spend the entire month of September serving my fellow Americans, and I’ll enjoy every moment of it. May this month of sharing and caring help reaffirm our humble commitment to our families and friends.
ALTAF ALI, executive director, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Pembroke Pines


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