I am saddened by the May 2 article discussing a Pompano Beach man’s lawsuit to prohibit the building of a mosque in his neighborhood, claiming it would lower his property values, and a subsequent article noting a letter threatening the life of Ali Altaf, director of the Center for American-Islamic Relations.

As a fellow Christian, I am also surprised to see that the Rev. O’Neil Dozier has changed his stance from his Oct. 11 press release saying that he never meant to include “peace-loving Muslims who share American values of freedom, tolerance and human rights…” as part of the problem regarding radical Islam and purported an interest in “working with both Muslim and non-Muslim groups.”

I met Altaf when he volunteered to represent the Muslim faith at the annual Nova Southeastern University Interfaith Dialogues. He spoke with a spirit of peace and advocated for unity among all religions. If we expect others to treat us with respect, to refrain from vandalizing our property or evoke a sense of fear within our families and communities, we must hold ourselves to the same standard. To those who are committing acts of terrorism in the name of fighting terrorism or enabling those acts by doing nothing to stop it, I encourage you to reconsider and be a positive force for change rather than a perpetuator of violence, distrust and fear.

Dozier came to his realization “after much soul searching” and “much prayer,” and he wants to work with Muslim and non-Muslim groups, he said in his press release.


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