The South Florida Water Management District is calling for water conservation; I say take it a step further and educate Floridians about this indispensable resource. Let the Sunshine State set precedent for others to follow.

It often takes a natural disaster to make people band together, simply because disasters do not discriminate. Let us not wait for a severe drought to unite us under a common goal. Studies have suggested that the demand for water already exceeds supply in many countries and more areas are expected to be affected. South Florida is but one.

The SFWMD should begin training outreach directors to visit communities. The governor should launch an initiative to address this issue on a long-term basis. Communities should hold town hall meetings to discuss conservation. Houses of worship should deliver sermons on safeguarding a resource that is essential to all life. Schools should implement conservation policies on their campuses. We all should begin with changes in our homes.

If we can band together to address this issue, the results will be truly astonishing and beneficial.

Altaf Ali, executive director, Council on American-Islamic Relations-Florida, Pembroke Pines


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