Davie – The aromas of an Indonesian fried rice dish, peanut cookies and cake made from yucca flour and coconut tempted passersby during the town’s recent Diversity Festival. The treats were being sold at the Suriname American Network’s booth, one of many at the fourth annual event, staged at Robbins Lodge. Ernestine Burleson-Allen and Edith Harry, both natives of Suriname and members of the organization, made the delicacies. “To offer people good food, which is native to our country, is the best way to show what our country is all about,” said Harry, of Lauderhill.

“I hope the people who come here today can learn about the many cultures of Suriname,” said Burleson-Allen, also of Lauderhill. “We have Chinese, Creole, Japanese [and] Indian … along with people from the Netherlands.” Aijaz Quadri of Weston, a member of the Council on American Islamic Relations, spent hours making chicken pilaf, samosa, fried pies with diced potato and tomato, and other Indian and Middle Eastern delicacies to serve at the group’s booth. “We made this food to help raise money for our organization, to help a good cause,” she said. “We want our children to learn to help humanity.” (MORE)


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