BROOKSVILLE – The Republican Party of Florida is calling on County Commissioner Tom Hogan Sr. to apologize for his derogatory comments regarding Muslims.

Carole Jean Jordan, chairwoman of the Republican Party of Florida, acknowledged that, while Hogan has served the local party well, “we cannot condone your divisive remarks.

“Yes, our nation is at war with a group of individuals who twisted the Islamic faith for their own horrific purposes,” Jordan said in a written statement. “This does not, however, give anyone the right to paint all Muslims with a broad brush and the generalizations you made were reprehensible.

Jordan said the state party asked Hogan to apologize and retract his statements.

“Unfortunately, you refused to do so,” she said. “Again we ask you to formally retract your statement and apologize for your remarks.”

Hogan said Thursday he had not seen the letter. At press time, he did not plan to issue an apology. He stands by his and his wife, Mary Ann Hogan’s, comments.

“We have never – neither one of us – mentioned a political party,” Hogan said. “We never made it political and now the state party is doing that. I resent it on their part.

As a citizen, I’ve done nothing wrong at all and I don’t know where all this is coming from,” Hogan added.

In a letter to Hernando Today, Mary Ann Hogan called Islam “hateful and frightening.” Tom Hogan Sr. said he agreed with his wife’s comments in the letter.

The letter, approved by her husband, was critical of Islam and of the county for using county personnel and equipment to assist at a recent Ramadan festival at the mosque”¦

Also Thursday, the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR-Tampa) has called on Governor Bush to remove Hogan from office.


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