Re: Brown-Waite blisters Muslim, Nov. 10 Times

If I would have known that Congresswoman Ginny Brown-Waite valued Mary Ann and Tom Hogan Sr.’s characterization of the Muslims over her responsibilities as a representative of all the people, I never would have voted for her.

Although the Hogans slandered another culture, Brown-Waite supported them and said they’ve shown “tremendous fortitude.” What’s worse, however, is the reckless and unprofessional letter she wrote to Ahmed Bedier. Her letter feeds prejudice in this country. What positive outcome could she have accomplished from that letter?

And, please, do not insult our intelligence by saying the timing of your letter was not related to the election. You would have lost my vote and, I am guessing, plenty more.

When is it appropriate for elected officials to use a “threatening” statement like “He is not going to get away with it” (referencing her encounter with one Muslim who allegedly “attacked” her religion)? What did she mean by “reasonable Muslims?” What’s a “reasonable” American – a Republican or a Christian?

This is Webster’s definition of terrorism: use of force and threats to intimidate. If Brown-Waite thinks terrorism as a threat to the United States is about the Muslim community only, she needs to look in her own back yard.

The split that her party has created in this country is as equally threatening and intimidating to our well being. Resign, Ginny. Retire elsewhere and take the Hogans with you.

Marylou Doehrman, Spring Hill

Not all Muslims are terrorists

Re: Hogans are right about Muslims, Nov. 3 letter to the editor:

The Islamic religion is based on peace, just as many other religions. Also, as in other religions, it has its fanatics. These are the ones who hate and are very frightening.

There are Muslims who have twisted and defaced the Koran to fit their own delusions of Islam. They also have used it to brainwash countless others. You have no right to burn an entire people for the actions of a few.

To say all terrorists are Muslim is like saying all Italians are mobsters. What about the Irish Republican Army? I don’t think many of them are Muslim. What about the Earth Liberation Front? How many of them do you think are Muslim?

This country has become great because of its tolerance and acceptance of others. Tom and Mary Ann Hogan have not only offended their fellow statesmen, they have done the same to their countrymen.

Sean McCazzio, Spring Hill

Politics of hate must be repudiated

Re: Commission should censure Tom Hogan, Nov. 2 Times editorial:

Thank you for calling for the censure of Tom Hogan Sr. and his wife, Mary Ann Hogan, for refusing to apologize for their racist comments against their fellow Americans of the Islamic faith.

Mrs. Hogan wrote a letter to the newspaper calling Muslims “killers” and then defended her stance by saying “I don’t want to sound like a raving maniac … they are barbarians”

By dehumanizing American Muslims, Mrs. Hogan is partaking in age-old scapegoating and bigotry of the Muslim community as “maniacal terrorists.” In the process, she sounds exactly as she doesn’t want to … a raving maniac!

That type of politics of hate must be repudiated by the Republican Party of Hernando County and all peace-loving Americans, regardless of faith, creed or color.

Nazim Haqqani, Somerset, N.J.


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