Re Frida Ghitis’ Oct. 11 Other Views column, Learn from the mistakes of the Netherlands:

Islam is not evil or inherently violent as Ayaan Hirsi Ali has claimed. Muslims have more often than not been the victims of terrorism in the Middle East and elsewhere. Religious fanatics in the Middle East have been able to capture the attention of the West through their violent actions.
Despite such violence, Muslim scholars and activists from every region of the world have condemned such actions as outside the fold of Islamic teachings. The vast majority of Muslims in the world are against violent means for political or religious ends. The teachings of the faith, for those who wish to actually study them, make that abundantly clear.

Hirsi Ali and her ilk attempt to instill fear and hatred in the hearts of others. She has little to no understanding of Islam. Her writings and comments make that obvious. It would be best for those wishing to understand Islam to come to Muslims themselves to learn about their faith and not to learn about it from their enemies.

OMER SUBHANI, communications director, Council on American Islamic Relations,
Pembroke Pines


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