Questions are being raised by many after a sixth grade Muslim girl was allegedly assaulted by another student at school last week.
The Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR) planned a news conference for Monday afternoon to discuss the incident, which allegedly happened at Azalea Middle School last week. The school is located at 22nd Avenue North and 79th Street North in St. Petersburg.
Officials with CAIR organization say the girl was threatened for over a week by the boy, who sits near her in class. They say he punched her in the arm, and choked her against a wall.
They say on Wednesday, he ripped off her head scarf, and their teacher saw the incident. According to CAIR, the teacher told the girl to go to the bathroom and fix it. The organization says the girl told her teacher she was scared and didn’t want to sit next to the boy anymore, but nothing was done.
Officials with the Pinellas County School District say they were aware of the incident involving the head scarf, and that the boy was disciplined.
But CAIR officials say the trouble between the two students didn’t stop there.They claim that one day later, on Thursday, the boy told the girl he was going to bring a gun to school and shoot her. They say that’s when she told the teacher and the school principal, but as far as CAIR officials know, no investigation into the incident has taken place. (MORE)


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