The FBI is investigating a letter that was sent to the leader of a Florida Muslim group.

Altaf Ali, executive director of the Florida chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations (CAIR), said he received the letter Monday. He didn’t report it to the authorities until Wednesday after he said his wife became concerned.

“When it becomes personal and it becomes a death threat, I think that’s something that should be taken seriously,” said Jocelyn Pettitt, Ali’s wife.

The letter contained messages that said “Death to Islam” and “Religion of Satan.”

“We’re seeing an increased aggressiveness toward our community,” said Ali. “It’s a sign we have to be on guard.”

Ali said this is not the first piece of hate mail he has received, but it is the first one that names him specifically, a fact not lost on Pettitt who stays at home with the couple’s two children. Her theory is that the letter writer is someone local.

“It kind of puts some fear into the fact that they know who he is, the type of work that he does, so it must be somebody in this area,” said Pettitt.

The letter calls Ali a “walking dead man who will soon meet his maker.”


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