According to a Gallup Poll, four out of 10 Americans have admitted prejudice toward Islam and Muslims.

Unfortunately, a recent letter writer suffers from the same malaise.

Fom the dawn of Islam, Muslims have adapted to live in harmony in large multicultural societies.

The third largest Muslim population in the world now lives in India, accounting for fewer than 20 percent of its population.

If Islam commanded conversion at the point of a sword, would Muslims still be a minority after eight centuries of uninterrupted rule?

Look no further than Spain to learn that, despite over six centuries of Muslim rule, it was the intolerant Christian Inquisition that gave Muslims and Jews three options, convert to Christianity, leave Spain or die.

Today, despite the mosque in Cordova being one of the most beautiful in the world, no Muslim prayers are allowed there.

A recent poll by the Council on American-Islamic Relations shows the American Muslim population to be both young and highly educated.

Sixty-two percent have obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher, which is double the comparable national figure for registered voters.

The survey results also show that Muslims are already well integrated in American society.

Eighty-nine percent said they vote regularly; 86 percent said they celebrate the Fourth of July; and 64 percent said they fly the U.S. flag. . .

American Muslims, contrary to wanting to replace the U.S. Constitution, are at the forefront of striving to preserve, protect and defend the U.S. Constitution, so help us God. (MORE)

M. Fawad Mansoori, board member, Council on American-Islamic Relations, Jacksonville


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