South Florida Muslims commiserate with the Catholic community of South Florida after the death of Rev. Paul Edwards-Komarc, pastor for St. Katharine Drexel Catholic Church in Weston. That he was loved by Catholics is no surprise.

What is remarkable is the respect he earned from people of other faiths as he took steps to build bridges of understanding.

On my first visit to St. Katharine Drexel in 2004, I and others wanted to condemn the attack on Christian churches in Baghdad. We were so impressed by Rev. Edwards-Komarc’s hospitality. The church management had reserved parking for us right in front of the entrance. They made us feel at home from the moment we stepped in.

Local Muslims will remember Rev. Edwards-Komarc as an advocate for justice, a bridge builder and a visionary leader. He promoted his own faith without condescending others. Public figures and other religious leaders who have espoused anti-Islam views could borrow a page of tolerance from this Christian leader.

[Syed Ali Rahman is with Council on American-Islamic Relations in Pembroke Pines]


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