Take it from Ginny Brown-Waite: Eric Rudolph, the notorious “Olympic Park bomber?” Not a Muslim.

Deadly, sure. Ideologically driven? Check. A terrorist, even? Affirmative.

To Brown-Waite, that makes him one in a million – well, two in a million, when you add in Timothy McVeigh, as the recently re-elected congresswoman awkwardly explained in a Fox 13 News interview last week.

Otherwise, as Brown-Waite told the St. Petersburg Times, “it’s historically accurate that every terrorist has been a Muslim.”

If there’s a key difference between soon-to-be-ex Sen. George Allen’s “macaca” comment and Brown-Waite’s defense of Mary Ann Hogan calling Islam a “hateful, frightening religion,” it appears to be this: Brown-Waite waited until after the election to speak out.


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