The Pinellas County School District has released its report on a classroom incident involving an 11-year-old Muslim girl who claims a classmate threatened and humiliated.
Hannah Chehab told the school board that a male classmate at Azalea Middle School harassed her, pulling off her head scarf, questioned her sexual orientation and threatening to shoot her with a BB gun.
The school district report says the two students were friends and were separated before the incident for continuously talking in class. Investigators say during class last Wednesday, the girl complained that her head scarf had been pulled off.
Officials say the teacher noticed a curl was exposed and sent the child to a restroom to fix it. The report says the child was reprimanded and assigned to a work detail. According to investigators, the assistant principal was never told about the girl allegedly being punched, grabbed and choked or called a lesbian.
Ahmed Bedier, Executive Director of the Tampa chapter of the Council on American-Islamic Relations issued the following statement on behalf of the family:
“We’re disappointed that the school district has not conducted a thorough investigation of Hannah’s ordeal. The superintendent’s report release today is not the findings of an investigation, but only the assistant principal’s version of events.”
“Missing from the document is an explanation as to why school officials did not immediately notify police of the shooting threat, a clear violation of their own procedures.”
“Hannah and her parents stand by their version of events and look forward to the outcome of the ongoing police investigation into this matter.”


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