After the bombings in London and Sharm el-Sheik, Egypt, the question that rivets America is one that has no sure answer: Why haven’t Muslim militants executed another suicide terror attack on the U.S. home front? If suicide bombers can strike daily in the Middle East and hit the capitals of Europe, why does 9/11 remain a spectacular exception? There are theories about why the United States still hasn’t had a homegrown attack like the ones last month in London. Suicide bombing isn’t that easy. The USA isn’t that vulnerable. American Muslims aren’t that militant. Foreign terrorists aren’t focused, not yet, on a domestic strike. Over the past four years, Jeremiahs as varied as Dick Cheney and Osama bin Laden have said another attack is inevitable.

It could come at any time, and it could come from within; homegrown suicide terrorists are notoriously difficult to identify before they strike. U.S. Muslims want the American dream, not jihad. The United States has assimilated immigrant Muslims more successfully than Western Europe, where there is a higher proportion of poor, alienated Muslims, according to Ahmed Bedier of the Council on American-Islamic Relations. American Muslims seem to have more of a stake in keeping peace. “No one wants to attack their own people,” Bedier says. “Muslims here see themselves as Americans more than Muslims in France see themselves as French.” Last week a council of leading American Muslim scholars issued an edict condemning those who commit terrorism in the name of Islam as “criminals, not ‘martyrs.’ (MORE)



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