Robert Ariail’s cartoon on religious fanaticism is thought-provoking and should be viewed in its proper context — that fanaticism is using religion, in this case Islam, to further its agenda of creating discord and fueling hatred (issue, Feb. 27).

Muslims in America condemn the actions of religious fanatics and have worked hard at countering their actions through dialogue and education. It is unfortunate that this has not been widely covered in the media. Some may incorrectly interpret Ariail’s cartoon as Islam being a religion that welcomes or preaches fanaticism. Muslims are offended by this interpretation, since we believe the Quran to be an unchanged, revealed text from the one God that teaches moderation in all things and rejects fanaticism in all forms.

The best way to counter the actions of fanatics is through a better understanding of our differences. We offer a free copy of the Quran to any reader who may be interested. We would also like to open the doors of our Islamic Center to anyone interested in visiting a mosque and meeting Muslims.

[AMJAD TAUFIQUE and CHRIS BURKE: Taufique, of Marietta, is the director of the Islamic Center of Marietta. Burke, of Lilburn, is president of the Georgia chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations.]


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