GREENVILLE, S.C. — A Muslim civil rights group says BMW ignored religious harassment between employees, but WYFF News 4 has learned that there is more to this story.

News 4’s Gordon Dill has been looking into the complaint — a fight between an Israeli Christian and a Muslim. Both men were contract workers at BMW.

The 65-year-old Muslim man told deputies he was washing his hands in the bathroom at BMW when the 41-year-old Israeli man put a box cutter to his throat and threatened to kill him.

The Muslim man then called the Council on American-Islamic Relations and said there was a pattern of harassment by BMW employees.

According to a spokesman, the council had received reports of other incidents not only involving the Israeli man but other employees as well.

But the Israeli man and his alleged victim may have known each other for years.

The Muslim man’s nephew and that same Israeli man were business partners in a Duncan restaurant and as far back as 1996, there was a police report alleging that one man punched the other.

In its official statement, BMW alluded to that relationship.

The statement said, “… It appears the two individuals have a long personal history, including being business partners in the past.”

WYFF News 4 tried contacting that alleged victim and his nephew, but they didn’t return calls.

Dill did find the Israeli man, who said he couldn’t appear on camera or even reveal where he lives because he fears Muslims will “put a bomb on his porch.”

“This isn’t about BMW. It’s about religion,” the man said.

BMW said it has started its own investigation

The Council on American-Islamic Relations has asked the FBI to start its own hate crime investigation.


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