WASHINGTON, Dec. 8 (UPI) — Muslims in Florida and Ohio have been victims of alleged racially-motivated attacks, the Council on American-Islamic Relations said Thursday.

The group urged the Federal Bureau of Investigation to launch investigations into the attacks.

“In Melbourne, Fla., a Muslim of North African heritage was badly beaten during a robbery Nov. 14 in which a witness told police that one of the assailants shouted “you stupid Arab …” and used other abusive terms, CAIR said. “A mosque in that same city was struck by gunfire in September as worshipers prayed inside,” the organization said.

“In Ohio, a Muslim woman wearing an Islamic head scarf said she was verbally assaulted on Tuesday by another customer at a Lakewood Walgreens when she used a passport as identification to cash a check. She told CAIR that the cashier and other customers looked on as the man shouted obscenities, made obscene gestures and shouted ‘go back home’ and ‘who needs to use a passport for ID in America.'”


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