An attorney representing six imams suing US Airways and some airline passengers after the Islamic clerics were removed from a Twin Cities flight last fall has received a death threat in the mail – apparently sent from St. Paul.

Omar Mohammedi, of New York, received the letter – postmarked in St. Paul on April 30 – at his Manhattan office Friday. On Monday, Mohammedi handed the letter over to FBI agents in New York.

The document’s author or authors – identified only as “American Jihad” – tell Mohammedi to “Come to Minneapolis. Bring your lawsuit. … We plan, at random, to start systematically killing the people on our list if this suit proceeds.”

The letter’s author or authors claim to have “located the residences and identified the families of all parties (of the suit)” – and identifies Mohammedi as the “prize kill.”

The letter also targets “members of CAIR (the Council on American-Islamic Relations) and your affiliates in the ACLU who give support to terrorists like yourself.”

“I receive a lot of hate mail – really bad e-mails, I mean, just crazy – and phone calls. But this is the first death threat that I’ve received,” Mohammedi said. “There’s nothing to say, all I can say is this is my job, and this is what I do. It makes me even more determined to protect people’s civil rights.”

“I consider this a terrorist threat. Because terrorists, they do things the same way,” he added.


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