The latest in a string of mosques piercing the skyline with minarets and domes along the 10 Freeway was approved last week.
“It’s an exciting time,” said Hussam Ayloush, executive director of the Greater Los Angeles Council on American-Islamic Relations. “(Fontana) is probably one of the only major cities in San Bernardino County not to have a mosque.”
Ar-Rahman Islamic Center will be built on a one-acre lot close to downtown on Sierra Avenue, near Miller Avenue.
Ar-Rahman, which means “the most merciful” in Arabic, refers to the holy name of God, said imam Faiz Shah, the Muslim community’s religious leader in Fontana.
“A mosque is a basic need,” Shah said. “Every Muslim community needs a place for worship.”
Ayloush said it is not surprising to see mosques springing up along the 10.
“That’s the nature of freeways,” he said. “Economic growth has attracted a lot of people, among them members of the Muslim community who are proud to live in San Bernardino County.”
Shah said his congregation is looking forward to having a permanent home, an effort spanning at least five years as members worked to collect enough donations to build the mosque.


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