For the second time in few months, the attorney for the six Muslim Imams who were removed from a Minneapolis flight last year has received this week a death threat sent from Minnesota.

Among other threats, the party responsible for the letter warns the attorney that they “can use [rocket propelled grenade] rounds on [his] vehicle, sniper rounds, shaped explosives or even non-traceable colorless and tasteless food activities.”

Speaking from his New York office, the lawyer, Omar Mohammedi said “This is a terrorist threat and should be treated like that.”

Unlike the first threat, which was sent by a party calling itself “American Jihad,” Mohammedi said this one is sent by an anonymous party.

What’s particularly disturbing about the second threat, Mohammedi noted, is that it shows a precision and intent to harm. The writer makes reference to a recent order by a federal judge who turned down Mohammedi’s request to limit public access to the case.

Two weeks ago, Judge Ann Montgomery wrote to Mohammedi that “it’s regrettable that anonymous individuals have threatened violence,” but assured him that the United States Courthouse in Minneapolis will be secured by guards.

The letter, postmarked on July 7, seems to address the judge’s statement.

“Who cares if the Federal courthouse is secure (which it really is not),” the letter read. “At a time of our choosing we will find you. And we will visit each and every one of your plaintiffs whom we have heard speak. They have been ranked in order of importance as targets. . .And finally let’s not forget about the families at home while you and your plaintiffs are away. . .women and children are fair game. . .you will be spared from an anonymous death.”

Five of Mohammedi’s clients live in Arizona while the sixth lives in California.

“As disturbing as the threats sound, it wouldn’t prevent me from doing the right thing,” Mohammedi said.

In statement, the Council on American-Islamic Relations condemned the threat.


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