The apparent failure of both Muslim leaders and common Afghans to condemn the cries for Abdul Rahman’s execution was a sad reminder of the shortcomings of intolerant societies, and Richard Cohen’s disgust was justified [“Unfathomable Zealotry,” op-ed, March 28].

But Mr. Cohen’s claim that no cries of outrage have been heard anywhere in the Muslim world is misleading. Strong, unequivocal condemnations of Mr. Rahman’s prosecution have been issued by several major Muslim organizations in the West, including the Council on American-Islamic Relations, the Australian Federation of Islamic Councils and two Canadian Islamic groups.

Although members of these groups do not reside in Afghanistan, they are an equally important part of the Muslim world, as are the hundreds of millions of Muslims living in areas outside the Middle East. Overlooking the statements of several large and influential Islamic groups does a disservice to millions of tolerant Muslims.


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