Bishop Keith Butler completely misses the mark with his Aug. 29 op-ed, “Provide religious liberty and justice for all.”

Christians organize student clubs and have activities in schools throughout America, including having prayer. Moreover, government funded institutions often make provisions for the special needs of their students such as Columbia University providing Kosher meals. All religious groups exercise these rights.

A university installing “footbaths” for safety reasons with student activity funds and Muslims bringing rugs for prayer hardly constitutes promoting Islam over other faiths.

Butler’s troubling assertion that the agnostic Thomas Jefferson was in favor of separation of church and state on the grounds that he was against “establishment of a particular form of Christianity” implies that Butler believes that Christianity should be given preference.

His op-ed sounds less like advocating religious freedom for all and more like anxiety over Muslims openly practicing their faith.

Dawud Walid
Executive Director
Council on American-Islamic Relations – Michigan (CAIR-MI)


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