DEARBORN — As Muslims, Jews and Christians traveled to an interfaith meeting at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church on Tuesday, some stopped at a demonstration by 7,000 mostly Arab-American and Muslim residents, protesting the Israeli incursion into Lebanon.

“We’re just stopping by to see what is being said, to pick up on people’s concerns,” said Brenda Rosenberg, who is Jewish and an interfaith activist from Birmingham.

“Our work is extraordinarily difficult now.” . . .

Dawud Walid, the regional director of the Council on American Islamic Relations, talked about receiving a phone call from another interfaith activist last week, as the bombardment of Lebanon began.

“We tried to talk about everything except for that,” Walid said. “There was some tension there.”

Walid described the atmosphere among Muslims and Jews in Metro Detroit as “pretty cold, right now.”

But Walid said he and others are committed to persevering.


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