The Michigan American Civil Liberties Union led rallies across the state and in Washington D-C today (Tues) to protect Americans’ due process rights. WDET’s John Notarianni has more.

The ability of a prisoner to question the legality of his detention. . . or habeas corpus. . . is part of the foundation of American Democracy. The 2006 Military Commissions Act. . . however. . . waives that right for suspected enemy combatants in the war on terror. Representative Joe Knollenberg and Senator Debbie Stabenow both voted in favor of that law. The Michigan A-C-L-U is leading a coalition to change their minds. At Senator Stabenow’s office in Detroit. . . Michigan Council on American-Islamic Relations Director Dawud Walid said the suspension of due process isn’t just a problem for Muslims. . . it threatens all Americans.

“This is a coalition of Jews, Muslims, Christians and atheists. We want to remind her of the values of this country and to remind her that all people are entitled to respect and dignity and all are entitled to due process and not to be tortured and treated less than human.”


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