Dawud Walid of CAIR said his organization feels that police should not ask questions about immigration status based on ethnic and religious attire. Immigrants are less likely to call the police. Visitors to Hamtramck are effected as well as residents. It is the responsibility of the federal government to enforce immigration law. Local police agencies should protect legal immigrants and encourage reporting.

Juan Escareno of MOSES is just learning about Hamtramck and has come to respect councilmembers he has met with and the mayor. Hamtramck is diverse and welcoming to immigrants, and the bias-based policing ordinance would reinforce what the city is already doing by ensuring repercussions for the violation of the constitutional rights of minorities. Hamtramck is on the verge of being the second to pass an ordinance of this type. Other ordinances are more narrow. Profiling effects all of us.

Bill Meyer, chairman of the Human Relations Commission, hoped the council researched the ordinance ahead. He urged the council to pursue the bias-based policing ordinance.

Nadia El-Zein of ACCESS said immigrants have the right to feel safe and many do not report crimes.


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