DEARBORN – Ford Motor Company hosted its 6th annual Ramadan fast breaking Wednesday, an event attended by around 150 Muslim and non-Muslim guests.

The evening program took place in the Ford Credit building’s cafeteria and was themed, “Ramadan: The Month of Forgiveness and Reconciliation.”

Speakers included Mike Bannister, CEO of Ford Credit; Paul Nussbaum, Executive Vice President of Ford Credit; Dawud Walid, Executive Director for the Michigan chapter of the Council on American Islamic Relations (CAIR-Michigan); and Ramzi Mohammad, a scientist and professor of cancer biology at Wayne State University (WSU). . .

After the Ford officials, Walid – the first keynote speaker – came up. “These types of gatherings are a good way for all of us to become more acquainted with one another and open up the way to communication,” he said.

“When a Muslim involves himself with reading the Qur’an more in this month, as regardful Muslims do, this reading should awaken them to the mistakes that they have made for themselves and to others.

“The act of fasting should sharpen one’s mind as blood flow which is ordinarily used for digesting the food is diverted to the brain. It is a great time for reflection and deep thought as well as change.

“Asking for forgiveness in Islam should mean recognizing one’s mistakes and having a desire to not commit those mistakes again. This is the true repentance. And whoever does not show mercy to others shall not receive mercy. This is a central theme present in the holy month of Ramadan.”


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