Columnist Cal Thomas’ “We are at war with radical Islam” is the epitome of hollow fear mongering wrapped in misinformation and McCarthyism.

He begins by asserting that the true threat to the U.S. is “radical Islamist.” He then says mosques being built across the U.S. clearly show that “radical Islamists” are covering America with bases for terrorism to wage their offensive. To prove these claims, he quotes a former Israeli diplomat who begins beating the war drums against Iran in a strikingly reminiscent manner as did the neo-cons with their fantastical “evidence” of Iraq’s WMD possession and about how war with Iraq was necessary to divert total annihilation of every American man, woman, and child. We all know how credible the “intelligence” was for that endeavor.
No one is denying that there are individuals across the world that will use religion to justify their violent aspirations. This unfortunate phenomenon takes place in every faith tradition as well as in multiple political ideologies. As pertaining to acts of terrorism committed by Muslims, Muslims across the world have consistently condemned, protested and exerted efforts to apprehend terrorists. There are FBI statistics detailing acts of terror explaining that the “Muslim threat” is exaggerated. (More)


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